Creative Korners with Callum Hall
Launching Creative Korners
Meet Calum, Founder of Creative Debuts and first guest in our collaborative series, Creative Corners.
Creative Korners with Callum Hall

Kinland Korners has so far been about meeting designers, artists, and developers to get a real-life insight into the spaces in their homes that they have created that most embody the concept of Kinland.

So many of us find a smaller space in our homes to create the same feeling that the Kinland aesthetic embodies: thoughtfully curated details and an emotionally resonant take on the house and home that nurtures a relationship with the place.

These spaces often have a serene, natural feel to them and take inspiration from raw materials, varying uses of texture, and cool, calm colours.

Now, we’re venturing into the art world, to curate a varied and insightful series that takes us on a journey of each interviewee's home and space, the artistic and design-led pieces they have chosen to make that space their sanctuary.

Calum and @creativedebuts felt like the perfect partners on this, as a collective that offer a truly diverse and democratic insight into the world of art.

“The art world is an elitist place and I experienced this first-hand when growing up in rural Northumberland, Northern England. Coming from a working-class, single-parent household I was often told: “There’s no money in art” and “to get a real job”. Creative Debuts was born to be a symbol of hope for emerging artists from all over the world, a community-focused platform with the sole mission of democratising the art world.